Improve the teacher assessing process.

Teachers need time and students a better teaching experience. Take a step forward in the digitalization of your institution.

Institutions all over the country use Intuitivo.

Optimized assessment process.

An assessment tool designed with teachers in mind.

Improved teaching experience.

Improve the students' experience, motivation, and results.

Content base.

A database of content unique to your institution.

Account integration.

Quickly integrate with Microsoft (and soon Google) accounts.

Administration panel.

Do all the management from one administration panel.

What teachers are saying.

The teachers shared their experiences of our platform.

What teachers are saying.

The teachers shared their experiences of our platform.

  • "It allows me to use several features that I cannot find in other similar tools and work collaboratively with other teachers."

    Carlos Nunes

    "A pensar em..." (YouTube)

  • "It has a user-friendly interface and makes my work as a teacher much easier! The institutional version allows for collaborative and cooperative work among the members of one or more groups."

    Idalina Santos

    Digital School Ambassador

  • "It aroused a lot of curiosity on my part, and I decided to test it out. I am deeply impressed!"

    Amélia Magalhães

    Portuguese teacher

  • "I consider that using Intuitivo in the digital assessment process offers the enormous advantage of saving time for teachers, placing the emphasis of the assessment process on efficiency and providing more effective instant feedback to students."

    Marco Bento

    Pedagogical Consultant

  • "Fantastic platform! Just what a teacher needed for their classroom."

    Joana Martins

    Physics & Chemistry teacher

  • "Intuitivo is a versatile and useful teaching and learning platform that I recommend for creating personalized exercises, worksheets, and assessments."

    Manuel Couto

    School Principal

  • "I often integrate Intuitivo into my teaching practices, as it allows me to create assessment tasks with a variety of item types and using a variety of media formats, making assessment tasks more interactive, pedagogically relevant and significantly increasing student engagement."

    Sofia Damiana

    Natural Sciences, AE de Real, Winner of the Global Teacher Prize Portugal 2024

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