The intuitive next step: How Intuitivo’s rebranding is making school’s digitalization more human and meaningful.

In the fast paced world of startups, Intuitivo is leading the charge in innovative education, one assessement at a time.

Education is both one of the most complex and fundamental systems of our days. Intuitivo is on a mission to tackle the digitalization of schools. Through its platform, at the intersection of technology and education, it is transforming the way assessments are conducted in schools. With this brand identity refresh, Intuitivo is poised to redefine the classic assessment experience for teachers and students alike.




A digital solution for very human questions

Born out of the pandemic’s unique challenges, Intuitivo was founded in 2020 with a clear vision: to create a reliable and intuitive platform that simplifies the assessment process. As schools faced the urgent need for digitalization, Intuitivo stepped in to bridge the gap and provide a positive online school experience. For the brand, teachers have a determining role in society; and they deserve efficient processes that allow them to spend more time doing what they do best: teaching.




Empowering teachers, building communities

The empowerment of teachers is at the heart of Intuitivo's mission. The platform enables educators to focus on what truly matters, so that they can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging with their students, leading to a positive impact in the classroom and across society at large. That’s why Intuitivo goes beyond technology to foster a sense of community among teachers, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing within the school ecosystem.


An intuitive step

Recognizing the need to elevate their brand and connect with a wider audience, Intuitivo partnered with Vogal, the branding studio specializing in crafting unique brands for startups. Together, they went on to define a strategy and reshape the visual identity of Intuitivo. The goal was to make Intuitivo a brand that is increasingly respected, mature, and professional. Both companies believe communication can add a human and trustworthy touch to technology, making it more relatable and accessible. So, the result is a brand image that perfectly aligns with Intuitivo's purpose and impact: a transformative portal that supports teachers, schools, and students alike.


Brand Values.gif


Visualizing growth, progress, and community

The new visual identity embodies Intuitivo's commitment to transforming education. Spirals and gradients - the core visual elements - symbolize growth, progress, and a strong sense of community. The brand's new look and feel captures the essence of Intuitivo's vision: a powerful combination of technology, education, and community, reflecting the transformation happening within classrooms and schools.


From Portugal to the world

With over 10,000 users and presence in dozens of schools, Intuitivo has experienced significant growth and recognition in Portugal. Building on this momentum, the rebranding is the natural step towards the brand's expansion into Europe and the Americas starting from 2024. To support this expansion, Intuitivo is preparing for a new round of investments, solidifying its commitment to transforming the education sector on a larger scale.




An intuitive vision for the future of education

Intuitivo's path is a testament to the power of innovative technology in reshaping education, paving the way for a more efficient and impactful educational experience. Their participation in the renowned Techstars startup accelerator program, further highlights their unique vision and potential. As Intuitivo continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to its mission of transforming education through technology. With a clear purpose, a fresh brand identity, and plans for international expansion, Intuitivo is poised to create a brighter future for teachers, schools, and students globally.